Contemporary Ceramics

Contemporary Ceramics by Peter Biddulph

February 2014 The 44th Annual UWW Ceramics Exhibition: Contemporary Artists Mixing Old and New Technologies The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater USA.

April 2013: Winner ’Best of Show’ award in The Rotary Art Spectacular - Photographs and judges comments The Riverside Centre, Brisbane.

"It is rare that a small sake set can wrestle attention away from some 460 pieces of art, but Peter Biddulph’s perfectly formed work did just that at this year’s Rotary Art Spectacular. All three judges were ... " [Read more]

Contemporary ceramics documents the ceramics studio practice of Peter Biddulph. Peter is the recipient of several awards internationally for his ceramics including one for a porcelain tripod sake set in the 9th International Ceramics Festival, Mino, Japan in 2011. The same year he was invited to exhibit in the London Design Festival and in exhibitions in Spain, Japan and Australia. He has had articles and images of work published in ceramics journals in the UK, the US, India, Canada, Iran and Australia. This site has been online continuously since 2006.

The images above illustrate different styles and techniques of both functional and sculptural work. Peter develops his own glazes conducting many glaze tests to achieve a particular colour or surface.
Images from the following collections appear in the slideshow - click an image to view more images and information.

Since 2008 Peter has been using Southern Ice porcelain for its qualities of translucency and whiteness in the construction of vessels for serving sake 'tokkuri' and for drinking sake 'guinomi'.

Porcelain Sake Set 2012

This translucent Southern Ice porcelain sake set created in 2012 consists of a flask, Arc, and three cups, Orbit, Wave and Cone. They are slip cast and glazed with ice blue Qingbai or rare earth glazes. The exterior surface is unglazed and hand polished giving a very tactile quality with a slight sheen. The set is also available in a dark metallic tenmoku glaze.

Tripod Guinomi 2011

This sake set is based on the form of the tripod. The Southern Ice porcelain is sometimes mixed with oxides to create an organic, textured surface.

Biomimesis 2009

Biomimesis, an installation of slip cast porcelain sculptures, was selected for inclusion in an exhibition entitled White at the State Library of Queensland in 2010. The exhibition was organised by the Italian consulate and Artisan Gallery and featured work in porcelain by artists from Australia and Lombardy, Italy.

vol_Luminous 2006

This installation of wheel-thrown ceramic sculptures illuminated with fibre optic cables and LEDs received an award of merit from the Design Institute of Australia in the Queensland Design Awards and was exhibited in ’Design Excellence in Queensland’ at the Queensland Art Gallery in June 2006.

Peter is currently teaching ceramics in Brisbane and may be contacted at